Portrait Photo Executive Publishing Manager Oliver-Kai Link
Oliver Link Executive Publishing Manager ppa, A&O Gesundheit Medien- und Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

I am delighted that you have found your way to us! My name is Oliver Link and I am the Executive Publication Manager at A&O Gesundheit Medien- und Verlagsgesellschaft, the publisher behind VitaminDoctor.com. I am only one of a large team of people behind this project, and, from all of us, I would like to welcome you to our page. Our team is comprised of various authors, scientific experts, project managers, graphic designers, and programmers, who all work together to make VitaminDoctor.com what it is - an independent knowledge portal for micronutrient medicine. What unites us is the belief that the correct use of micronutrients can play an important role in helping everyone to get healthy and to stay healthy.

Our Goal

We wish to inform those interested clearly and comprehensively about the possibilities and also the limitations of micronutrient medicine. The information we have made available is aimed at all those who are interested in preserving, improving, or optimizing their health. We also wish to introduce micronutrient medicine to people who already suffer from certain types of illnesses as a gentle alternative to traditional treatments or as a possible support therapy and to explain the benefits clearly and concisely. If you are searching for scientifically-based evidence, you have come to the right place. We aim to act as a compass in the information jungle of the internet, with its infinite number of available, and sometimes confusing, offers. At VitaminDoctor.com, we will inform you clearly and comprehenisvelyabout micronutrient medicine and its areas of application.

In a well-structured overview, on the following pages, you will find articles covering a wide array of illnesses and the corresponding information as to which micronutrients can help with getting and staying healthy - including dosage recommendations. Furthermore, we provide you with easily understandable basic knowledge, for example, the function of various vitamins and minerals and how they are absorbed by the body. We also explain how you can recognize symptoms stemming from deficiencies and compensate them. Also, we provide information about the individual types of micronutrients and what makes a good micronutrient preparation. The information we have on offer is continually being expanded and updated.

Our Objective

We are independent and finance ourselves solely via advertising revenue and collaborations. VitaminDoctor.com is scientifically substantiated and at the cutting edge of research. Our team of authors research and review new studies and specialist literature and are continually compiling and summarizing the most up-to-date scientific information about micronutrients for your convenience. Our texts are easily understandable for the layman but also comprehensive and well-founded so that even physicians, alternative practitioners, pharmacists, and health experts can benefit from them. Are there new discoveries in the field of micronutrient medicine? We don't miss a thing. Our articles are constantly being reviewed and, where necessary, updated to correspond to the most recent study findings – with the support and expertise of our scientific panels, all of whom are experts in micronutrient medicine. A list of sources and cited literature is provided at the end of each text – for anyone interested in more in-depth information about micronutrient medicine.